Course Summary

QuickFix lessons

Vocabulary - manage, edit and add new words

Remove a word from the vocabulary with a single command
Dictating measurement units: mmol/l

Internet browsers and browser-based programs

Create a custom command that opens a specific website in Chrome
Dictating in Firefox (supported via extension)
Handsfree browsing in Chrome and Edge with Click by Voice

Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook and Excel)

Quickly add comments to Word document by voice
Multi-level bulleted lists in Microsoft Word
Basic voice commands for navigating in a table in Microsoft Word
Inserting a table in a Microsoft Word document
How to check if Full Text Control is available in Word (or Excel/Outlook)

Troubleshooting: Audio & technical problems and errors

Checking your microphone
Annoying Software Manager messages
Updating Dragon with a patch
Error about maximum amount of speech data


Dragon says: “Cannot find matching text” and doesn’t write down the dictation
Moving the mouse and clicking by voice
An alternative dictation box for Dragon
Writing a blog post with Dragon
Creating a shortcut to the forum
What to do with ‘Learn from documents’ message at startup
Backing up your User Profile
When to use “new line” vs. “press enter”
A sample of Janneke's dictation