Course Summary

Master Dragon Professional Individual

About this course

Welcome and intro
Navigating this course
Practice makes perfect
Creating a new user profile in Dragon
Setting the options for your user profile
How Dragon works
Introduction of the Dragon bar
Controlling the microphone
How to wear your headset
Prepare your browser for use with Dragon

About dictation

How to dictate
About your voice and your microphone
Confusion between dictation and commands
Dictation commands
Dictating punctuation marks (%€#*)?
About Full Text Control
What is the Dictation Box and when to use it
What to do if the dictation box text isn’t transferred to the destination window

Correcting words

What can go wrong in Dragon’s recognition
When not to use the “correct …” command
How to replace words if you should not correct
Correcting words

Useful commands for editing

Moving the cursor around
Selecting text
Deleting text

Vocabulary introduction

Introduction into Dragon’s vocabulary
Build your vocabulary by analysing existing documents
Adding a word or phrase to the vocabulary
Adding phrases with special capitalisation

More about voice commands

What are voice commands
How to pronounce voice commands
Two types of voice commands
3 Common causes of misrecognition of voice commands

Controlling menus, buttons and dialogs

Controlling menus
Clicking buttons by voice
Moving around in dialogs
Clicking menus that have no text (just icons)

Controlling application windows

Opening and closing applications
Minimising, restoring and moving a window to other screen
Switching between windows/applications

Mousing by voice

Moving the pointer with the Mousegrid
Non-mouse mousing: keyboard shortcuts by voice
Moving the mouse by hand, clicking by voice
Moving and dragging the mouse

Microsoft and Outlook (module in progress)

Dragon in Microsoft Word
Opening Outlook and creating and sending a message

Controlling and managing Dragon

Clicking the Dragon bar by voice
Speech command to directly access Dragon menus
Backing up your user profile – and how to restore it

The end :-)

Some final words about this course