Course Summary

Browse the Internet with Dragon

Setting up your browser for use with Dragon

What is the Dragon web extension
Adding the web extension to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge
Dragon in other browsers

Voice commands for your browser

Download the PDF with browser voice commands
"Show links" is the universal command

Clicking links and buttons

Clicking regular links
Clicking buttons and icons

Clicking text fields, radio buttons, check marks and drop-down lists

How to access controls on the webpage by voice.

Accessing text fields
Clicking radio buttons and checkboxes
Clicking list boxes (dropdownlists) and selecting an item

Controlling your browser

Next and previous page in your browser history
Entering a URL by voice
Keyboard shortcuts for your browser
Tabs: opening, closing and switching between tabs
Accessing the browser top-right settings menu


Search within a web page
Search on the web

Social media via the browser

Facebook by voice
Post a message on LinkedIn
WhatsApp by voice

Troubleshooting and miscellaneous

Copying a URL to a forum comment message
Error about Dragon extension every time you start your browser